Connect With Nature
Hengwood's tree trunk table top offer you the high-performance qualities you've come to love, solid shiny finish on it that clearly enhanced the color, flavor of antiquity with the beautiful texture, right blending to give the limited only piece, finding a good wood patterns infinitely variable from dark to light tone and immensely appealing corner with man-made side carving ( round, slab ) or just by the natural shape. Continuing the theme, the table's legs are specially selected to achieve the balance and strong sense. The leg material is steel, while top is tree trunk. Wood had given so much of personal touch to the heart and now become extremely popular among homeowners.

Tree trunk table top add a taste of class to the important space and worth to most properties. Enveloping modern features, their clean lines add a seamless polish. For more country style home, wood can help ground cozier, feel homey and welcoming with the strong natural scent.

Metal and glass table top retains heat easily and required cooling time. Wood type may offer relief. Natural table tops are generally not only more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials, yet are a living thing which absorb and breathe. With an inherent durability, it is great for evenings spent playing board games, enjoying coffee sip by sip, sharing delicious dinner day in and day out, and it’s where you’ll spend a lot of time chatting with friends or family.

Hengwood's tree trunk table top offers a bespoke service, so clients can order a tree trunk table top in virtually any size, in a customized finish and variety interior usages like dining table, coffee table, meeting table, reception table or even as a door.