Burmese Walnut

Product : Burmese Walnut Flooring
Species : Burmese Walnut
Botanical Name : Terminalia Tomentosa
Origin : Myanmar
Moisture Content : Below 15%
Density : 850 Kg / M3
Bending Strength : 106 N / mm2
Mod of Elasticity : 13,150 N / mm2
Janka Hardness : 1800 pound force
Colour : Brown to Dark Brown
Durability : Moderate High

Heartwood vary from light walnut brown to deep chocolate, finely streaked with darker lines to dark brown or brownish-black. Sapwood is reddish white or pinkish white and narrow. Grain fairly straight, with a medium texture. Durable under cover. It is resistant to dry rot and termites. but not entirely immune to it.