Africa Teak

Product : African Teak Flooring
Species : Teak
Botanical Name : Tectona Grandis
Origin : Africa
Moisture Content : Below 15%
Density : 550 – 650 Kg / M3
Bending Strength : 100 N / mm2
Mod of Elasticity : 12,627 N / mm2
Janka Hardness : 1155 pound-force
Colour : Golden Yellowish to Brown .
Durability : High Practically impervious to Termites

Heartwood is Golden-yellow, turning brown and dark brown with age. Sapwood is white to pale yellowish brown. Grain is straight. Texture is very coarse and uneven. It is one of the most naturally durable timbers of the world. Very high resistance to insects and termites.